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1. Product name
2. Product description and application
The LUMOS 40W LED TROFFER is a new addition to replace traditional 2x28w or 4x14w T5 troffer. 
This product provides an economical yet effective lighting solution for a variety of commercial and lighting applications.
3. Features
- Long life
- Replacement for 2x28w or 4x14w T5 Troffer
- UV free, ROHS compliant
- Energy efficient 
4. Materials
- LED T- bar surfaced Troffer 
- Pressed steel casing, powdered coated finish
- Double parabolic Aluminium reflector
- Large accessible terminal block 
- 1.5m Flex & Plug
- High efficiency LED driver
5. Applications
- The luminaire is an excellent solution for retrofitting existing retail and commercial applications.
- LED technology can be used in areas where UV ray or sparks need to be controlled or forbidden.
- Excellent solution for extended lighting, decreases energy cost.
6.1 LED
LED Type: 3528 SMD
LED colour: Cool white (5500K), 
                   Warm white (3000K)
LED efficacy: 120 lm/W (cool white), 
                      100 lm/W (warm white) 
CRI : CRI > 80
Viewing angle: 120 degrees
6.2 LED Luminous flux
Series No. of LED Luminous flux
Cool white Warm white
(1200 x 300)
2 3200lm 2800lm
(600 x 600)
4 3200lm 2800lm