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LED-Tracklight-Flare 15W

Flare 15W CCT


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LED-Tracklight- Flare 15W CCT



The Flare 15W CCT  LED track light is a perfect lighting solution

for demanding and changing environments like shops, showrooms,

public buildings and galleries. An extremely powerful and versatile

fixture with outstanding light output and consuming only 15w of




Easy to install in new or retrofit installations

Adjustable heads direct light where it is needed

Standard 38deg reflector but can be changed to 15/25/60 deg

Suitable for single circuit 3 wire track


Minimalist design

Dimmable with Trailing Edge dimmers

Available in Black / White



Die‐casting Aluminium crust

Track type: single circuit 3‐wire



Track Lighting System for home, gallery, jewelry and office spaces



       Model No.: LED- Flare 15W CCT

       Wattage: 15W


       Input: 220‐240V~,  50-60Hz

       Material: High Grade Aluminum

       Beam Angle: 38 degree


       Lumen: 1120lm (3000K)

                     1140lm (4200K)

                     1160lm (5500k)

      LED type: COB

      CRI: 90          

      IP: 20

      Warranty:  2 Year

      Dimension: 158(L) x 135(B)x 63(W)

      Replacement: Halogen or MH tracklight