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LED Oyster-15W-AL

LED Oyster-15W-AL



1. Product name
2. Product description and application
The OYS-15AL series are used for general lighting. 
They are rated at 15W and can easily replace existing 22W circular fluorescent fittings. 
Dimmable version is also available.
Colour temperature 3000K & 5500K.
Opal polycarbonate diffuser.
3. Features
- Long life 
- UV free, harmless for paintings and antiques
- 50% energy saving
- No multiple Shadow
  (available in Aluminum or pure opal cover)
4. Applications
- The luminaire is an excellent solutions for residential lightings.
- LED technology can be used in areas where UV ray or sparks need to be controlled or forbidden.
- The excellent solution for extended lighting, help decrease the cost of energy.
5.1 LED
LED quality: Epistar
LED type: SMD5670, 
LED viewing angle: 120 degrees
LED colour: Daylight (DL) 5500K
                   Warm white (WW) 3000K
LED luminous flux: 120 lm/w for DL
                              105 lm/w for WW
CRI: > 80%
LED lifespan: rated 50,000 hours under standard test conditions
5.2 LED Luminous flux
Series Power No. of LEDs Lamp Lumen
Daylight Warm white
LUMOS OYS-15AL 15W 36/ 5670 SMD 1050lm 950lm