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LED-MR16-Tornado 9W

LED-MR16-Tornado 9W



1. Product name
2. Product description and application
The TORNADO MR16 AT is suitable for use with electronic transformer and works 
with Osram, Philips, Tridonic, Possum etc. It allows easy replacement of halogen lamp 
whereby existing transformer can be used.
The TORNADO MR16 AT lamp does not flicker and outputs 100% rated lumen when used 
with Electronic transformer. The internal driver is designed to be convert the high frequency 
voltage of the electronic transformer to usable voltage used by the LED.
A constant voltage 12V LED Driver can also be used to drive the MR16. (dimmable version also available)
3. Features
- Long life . 
- Compatible with Halogen MR16
- UV free, harmless for paintings and antiques
- Excellent cooling system
- No Shadow
4. Applications
- The luminaire is an excellent solutions for market, museum, restaurant, show room, and other spot lighting needed.
- LED technology can be used in areas where UV ray or sparks need to be controlled or forbidden.
- The excellent solution for extended lighting, help decrease the cost of energy.
5.1 LED
LED type : COB (Epistar) 
LED colour: Cool white (5500k-6000k), 
         Warm white (2700K – 3500K)
CRI: Cool white CRI > 75%, 
         Warm white CRI > 80%
Lens: 45 degrees
5.2 LED Luminous flux
Series LED Lumen
Lamp Lumen
LEN Lumen
Lamp Lumen
TORNADO MR16 AT 530lm 420lm 500lm 400lm

7. Physical characteristics and packaging
Product size: L78mmxD50mm
Net weight per LED lamp: 0.08kg
Colour box size: 55*55*85mm
Carton size: 630*260*300mm
Quantity per carton: 100PCS
Net weight per carton: 9.2kg
Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃