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1. Product name
2. Product description and application
The LUMOS GU10 LED is environmental friendly.
It combines optical, thermal, mechanical, and material aspects into one unique structure. 
The GU10 is longer than the traditional MR16 due to the larger heat sink needed to dissipate the heat from the LEDs.
Our LED GU10 is compatible to Halogen GU10.
You can drop and replace without any extra work.
3. Features
- Long life 
- Compatible with most Halogen GU10 transformers Including Possum, Redback and Viper
- UV free, harmless for paintings and antiques
- Excellent cooling system
- No Shadow
4. Applications
- The luminaire is an excellent solutions for market, museum, restaurant, show room, and other spot lighting needed.
- LED technology can be used in areas where UV ray or sparks need to be controlled or forbidden.
- The excellent solution for extended lighting, help decrease the cost of energy.
5.1 LED
LED type : COB
LED colour: Cool white (5500K - 6000K),
         Warm white (2700K - 3500K)
CRI: Cool white CRI > 75%,
         Warm white CRI > 80%
Lens: 60 degrees
5.2 LED Luminous flux
Series  LED Output  lumen LED Output lumen
Cool White Warm White
Lumos-GU10-5W 430lm 380lm