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LED-WL-Twist White Silver

LED-WL-Twist White Silver


1. Product name
LED WL Twist White/ Silver Outdoor Wall Light

2. Product description and application
The LUMOS LMS-BL-Chelsea is an elegant Bollard made from high pressure cast aluminum.
The surface is double power coated to extend service life outdoors

3. Features
Long life (2 years warranty). 
Body and bracket in die-cast aluminium
Powder coated with pretreatment for outdoor use
Frost glass
- Silicon rubber gasket
- Recessed plastic box
- LED driver certified by Intertek 

4. Applications
This product has an IP65 rating providing a degree of production against the intrusion of solid objects, dust and water. 
5. LED Luminous flux

Series No.of LEDs Kelvin Luminous flux Beam Angle CRI Input Power factor
Twist 1x13W 3000K 58lm 88º 82 220-240V 0.55

6.LED life span
The life span of the LED is directly related to the leg temperature of the LED. The higher the temperature of the LED, the shorter its life span. 

T(oC) Life(hours) T(oC) Life(hours) T(oC) Life(hours)
50 100,000 70 80,000 90 40,000
60 100,000 80 55,000 100 30,000
Note: The table of LED leg temperature (T) against LED lifespan serves as a guide. Actual LED lifespan may vary. Data from LED manufacturer.

Power Leg temperature (oC)
3W Ambient + 35 oC
NOTE:Please check stock with Lumos Lighting before taking an order from your customer.

7. Physical characteristics and packaging


Datasheet: Download