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LED-Oyster-Titanium 20W Dimmable

LED-Oyster-Titanium 20W Dimmable


1. Product name
2. Product description and application
The OYS-SATURN-20B series are used for general lighting.
They are rated at 20W and can easily replace existing 32W circular fluorescent fittings.
Dimmable version is also available.
Colour temperature 3000K & 5500K.
Opal polycarbonate diffuser.
3. Features
- Long life
- UV free, harmless for paintings and antiques
- 50% energy saving
- No multiple Shadow
4. Applications
- The luminaire is an excellent solutions for residential lightings.
- LED technology can be used in areas where UV ray or sparks need to be controlled or forbidden.
- The excellent solution for extended lighting, help decrease the cost of energy.
5. Optical characteristics
5.1 LED
LED quality: Epistar                                                   
LED type: SMD5670,                                                  
LED viewing angle: 120 degrees
LED colour: Day light (DL) 5500K          - 1230 lm/w (LED luminous flux)
                    Cool white (CW) 4000K      - 1120 lm/w
                    Warm white (WW) 3000K    - 1000 lm/w
CRI: > 80
LED lifespan: rated 50,000 hours under standard test conditions
5.2 LED Luminous flux

Series Power No. of LEDs Lamp Lumen
Day Light Cool White Warm White
OYS-TITANIUM-20B 20W 48/5672 SMD 1230lm 1120lm 1000lm
5.3 LED life span
The life span of the LED is directly related to the leg temperature of the LED. The higher the temperature of the LED, the shorter its life span.

T(oC) Life(hours) T(oC) Life(hours) T(oC) Life(hours)
50 100,000 70 80,000 90 40,000
60 100,000 80 55,000 100 30,000
LED Lifespan
Note: The table of LED solder temperature (T) against LED lifespan serves as a guide. Actual LED lifespan may vary. Data from LED manufacturer.

Power Solder temperature (o C)
20w Ambient + 25 oC

6. Electrical characteristics
Power: 20W
Input voltage: 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power efficiency: Up to 90%;
EMI: Not significant; 
7. Physical characteristics and packaging
Product size: 101×φ350mm
Net weight per LED OYS: 0.7kg  
Box size : 120mmx370mm
Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃